Agenda Vault

Document Management System
Advanced Technology to Help you Run Easier and Secure Boardroom Meetings


Secure Documents

Paper agendas are obsolete and damaging. They are difficult to secure and dispose off securely. AgendaVault is protected by the same technology that is used to protect your bank accounts. This is the perfect way to store your documents until that important AUDIT

Always Up to Date

Update all of your board papers at your convenience, whether you are part of a large network or you need them updated NOW

Always with You

Agendas and documents are held on the iPad, so they are available when there is no network connection. If you have some time between meetings, or in the evening you will get the chance to catch up

Boardroom Documents' Administrator

Keep Boardroom Minutes at your fingertips with Agenda Vault



Add notes about an agenda, while you are preparing. Conveniently, make references and add to them during the meeting, or after

Save Paper

No more printing reams of paper. No more couriers. Going paperless, also reduces you carbon footprint

Save Time

Simple to use interface to publish agendas and upload documents. Then you are done. No more standing over printers or copiers. No more coordinating delivery

Mobile Document Administrator

For Boardroom Meetings

Carry your documents wherever you are and read them at your leisure on your iPad. You will also have the opportunity to share, administer, and correct them before, during and after that important meeting.
There is the option to create your own customised version, so that you can optimise your boardroom meetings. In addition, we will be happy to give you the attention and support you need in order to understand and use the system in the most effective way.
Prices start at £2.99 per user.

Our Clients


about Agenda Vault

"The Board of my CCG tasked me with the challenge of creating paperless meetings in order to improve efficiency and also to make financial savings. They had bought iPads for all Board members and approved a business case so the next step was to find the right app. Our requirements were for a simple, cost effective, easy to use and secure way of displaying agendas and documents. There were no suitable apps available so we turned to Agenda Vault, who were quick to understand our requirements and develop a product. They kept true to our specification, especially that of "simplicity" and did not try to over complicate, making relevant suggestions along the way. They was responsive to our  needs and has continued to be open to enhancements as the app has matured. Their personal involvement in front line support of the product has been appreciated by our administrative users when problems have been resolved often within a few hours. The greatest testament to the product is that it is now enshrined in the day to day running of both the CCG and my large GP organisation and neither business can imagine being able to run their meetings without AgendaVault. It has truly revolutionalised the way that we run our meetings."

Tony Penney
Chief Clinical Information Officer and CCG Board Member of NHS

"AgendaVault staff proved to be responsive to suggestions and very quickly grasped the “vision”. We wanted the app to be very simple and not a collection of all the users “wish lists”. They delivered this quickly and were also happy to add modifications when they came along. They were also quick to challenge us on our design principles and ensure that the original vision was not tainted. They were happy to deal directly with our customers and we had nothing but excellent feedback concerning this. The app itself is very much inserted into the business processes of the functions it supports. In this respect its use is seamless and the user community would not know what to do if it were absent. The organisations that use it have not bought any paper since its inception. I heartily commend the application as well as the personnel that wrote deployed and continue to support it."

David Churchill
Associate Director of IT at NHS PCT Northamptonshire


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